Saturday, November 1, 2008

2nd decade of my life~

Haven been blogging recently, busy with many stuffs due to my course. Here to say Thanks for waiting. New Blog's OUT! ~~hot~~ *HOT*

Let's see, today is 1st of November in 2008
Weather: clear and sunny day
Temperature: 20 degree celcious
Current listening song: Theme song from The Law of Ueki
Stomach status: slighly hungry
Age: 20 years plus 5 days
Time: 11.35am
hohoho, please stand with me, i'm going to rubbish a little bit and i'm going to tell you what i have been doing lately. hohoho

Fist of all, my birthday.
I have had a birthday celebration about a week ago, whereas my birthday was on this week.
My friends prepared a surprised party for me. That night, my room was really lively, it contained 12 person in such a tiny small room and i don't have much time to left alone in my room. Morning, i went to classes; afternoon, i went to library: night time, when i finsihed my dinner, Ryo visited me, follow by Jeng yit, then charlotte joined us. And then, i received a wonderful surprise small party. It was fun and * Jeng yit made the surprised party more challenging. hohoho. I'm would like to thank them alot, they are actually having exams period, and they take out some of their precious study time and prepared for my surprised party. Me here, would like to shout THANK YOU GUYS !!!
Now move on to my birthday.

Oh no, have to start with the day before. On 27th of october, my fellow classmates such as Yumi baba, she reminds me that i can't call her baba anymore because i'm going to be older than her in just ONE day. (Japanese translation: baba = old lady)

To be honest, I don't feel much on that day, i think mainly because my friends from my college celebrated my birthday on the previous week. At night, around 11.45pm, Rock called me and he passed my birthday present, it was a total surprised for me. hahaha, and then i started to become siao d. i kept laughing all the way from the main door for my dorm until my room and i went online. Another surprised for me, Yvonne started a msn conversation and wished me happy birthday. What surprise me was not only because of her wishes but the time she wished me. She's in Malaysia and I'm here, she actually wished me at 12am australian time. Hohoho, I donno that i can actually be so happy for such a small thing. I then try to call Kean Pin but i didn't managed to contact with him, i donno the reason, but but but that doesn't reduce my 'highness', on another hand, i called Fiona and i talked with her for a long time which i haven been contact with her for a while. It was really fun, that night, i was multi-tasking. I was using skype to talk, preparing my script by using both power point and microsoft word, chatting with MSN messenger, and listening to my songs. Guess what time i slept? hahaha, I slept at 5am and then woke up at 8.3am. haha, i run to my class as usual, and you know what, i was not late.
Something really stupid happen. (Stupid in a happy way) I was doing my presentation with Sofia(my partner), at the end of the presentation, there was a questions session, and then 1 of my stupid friends - Masa asked us a stupid question which is ' When is your birthday?'. Hey, i would like to emphasise, he asked that question during my questions session for my chemistry presentation. haha, and then, my fellow classmates sang me a birthday song during my presentation. hahaha, that's another surprised for me. hahahaha

after my chem class, i have english class. I donno who, someone mentioned about my birthday, then Varity (my english lecturer) and my class started to sing birthday song to me and gave me a full 20 claps. That's one of the australian culture. After that i have my math class, Damien (my math teacher) guess that's was my 17th birthday. HAhahaa, it was such a good guess... haha, and my friends keep teasing me by saying that i should grow up or something like that. What's wrong with peterpan syndrome? hahaha

After I finshed my classes, i went back to my room and SLEEP through the whole night until 7am on another day. To make everything short, on my birthday, i used 5 hours to chat online, 3 hours to sleep, 8 hours of classes, and another 5 hours of sleep, the rest of the time, i used to eat, shower,and sh*t. Hahaha.

These are my birthday presents from my friends:

Photos took during my surprised party:

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mooncake festival!

Happy mooncake festival to my friends who visit my blog! This is my 1st moocake festival in Tassie. Hmm, if i'm not mistaken, this is my first mooncake festival where I don't get to eat mooncake. Ahhh... mooncake!~ 中秋节快乐!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Su Cheng's TAgs

1. Answer the questions below, do a Google Image search with your answer, take a picture from the first page of results, and do it with minimal words of explanation

2. Tag 5 other people to do the same once you’ve finished answering every question.
1. The age you’ll be on your next birthday:
My 2nd life of card is coming closer and closer.

2. A place you’d like to travel to:
This is one of my 10 years plan and 3 years past after i have that plan.

3. Your favourite place:
haha, definite my home or maybe to be specific, my favourite place is my room.

4. Your favourite food:
I'm from Malaysia, spicy food is essential for me.

5. Your favourite pet:
I have no pets and don't really want a pet. I don't wanna end a innocent life.

6. Your favourite colour combination:

Favourite combination. Green and Blue.

7. Your favourite piece of clothing:
Wedding gown, i hope i can wear them on one day. haha, i'm not desperate k?

8. Your all-time favourite song
Minami - piano piece of sena. This is one of the OST from long vacation.

9. Your favourite TV show:
Gensomaden saiyuki is one of my favourite anime. REally really nice. strongly recomended.

10. First name of your significant other/crush :
i think he is my 1st crush. haha, Himura Kenshin. i'm not sure actually.

11. The town in which you live:
Tasmania is the place that i'm living right now. I always dream to be here.

12. Your screen name/nickname:
haha, most of my friends know about my nick. -BAnaNa CAke-

13. Your first job:My 1st job was a general clerk.

14. Your dream job:
Witch. A pretty and smart witch.

15. A bad habit you have:
My friend told me that i'm the most lazy gal that he ever met.

16. Your worst fear:
Heart breaking. My heart can be as fragile as thinnest glass in the world.
17. The one thing you’d like to do before you die:
I hope i can have a wonderful FAMILY.
My luckiest Victims:
1) Raja
2) Joe Lim
3) Jiaqi
4) Jensen
5) Kah Lee

Thursday, June 26, 2008

~Winter~ 冬~

Like everybody knows that I'm from malaysia, and there are no 4 seasons like spring, summer, autumn and winter in malaysia. So, this is my first time living in winter. When i talk about winter, what do u think of? yuki? (yuki means snow in japanese). Nah, don't think too much, there is NO snow in Hobart normally except on mount Wallington (no thick snow though). There is no SNOW but RAIN. Hobart have been raining for the passed few days, it's very confortable and nice to sleep during rainy days. Rainy day is one of my favourite weather, but it did cause me some problems. I need to walk to class everyday, if it often rain, i'll get wet whenever i walk to class. The rain drops are really really cold and its freezing cold especially rain+wind.

My sleeping time for the passed few days were all messed up. let me start on monday night. i slept on 9.30 p.m. then i woke up at 4a.m. on Tuesday morning. i did not sleep on Tuesday night. i slept on Wednesday around 5a.m. and woke up at 6.30a.m. Wednesday. Then, i slept at 3.40p.m. Wednesday and i woke up at 9.00p.m. Wednesday. And then, i slept at 4.30a.m. Thursday and i woke up at 10.30a.m. Thursday. The time now is 10.09p.m. Thursday. haha, i hopw u are not confuse with all the times that i have mentioned.
u probably think that i'm crazy after i came to Hobart. haha, i'm not, hmm, mayb i am(a little bit).
Most of my friends in college are not here currently, because university students are having winter break right now. People from malaysia, went back to malaysia; people from other states of australia, went back to their home; my korean brother is leaving tomorrow as well. So, there are no much people left behind here, except for people who are doing the same course as me and exchange students and some of the people who can't go home. Oh ya, one of my friends left Tasmania and he's not coming back anymore. He got his scholarship in NUS and he 'ábandoned' UTAS. He's one of my closed friend when i'm in Tasmania. He left this morning around 4.30a.m., i started to feel sad this morning around 4a.m. when i realised that he's really leaving. haha, it's kinda funny, cause i knew he's gonna leave a few weeks ago or mayb more than that but i feel sad at the very last minutes. after he left, i feel worst. haha, i again realised that another friend of mine had left me. The first one was Cecilia. Eventhough i know that we still can keep contact very often because of the modern tecchnology - internet, still everything gonna be different and i'm not sure if i still have the chance to meet them again. i do promise cecilia that i'm going for her wedding but who knows when it is and am i capable to afford that. On another hand, for Ben, HA..., no idea at all if we can ever meet again. haha, but now, i'm feeling okay. i always feel better after i sleep.
Don't worry, no worries, i'm not gonna be beaten up just because of these sadness. :-)
"Every end of a chapter is a beginning of another new chapter".
Daijoubudesu! (no problems!)

i do not have that spare time to worried more for that as well. i just finished my physic test this morning. i not sure how was it, i tried my best to finished up as much questions as i can, haha, i really have no idea how's the results gonna be. My first semester is gonna end in about a month, i have so many assignments to finish up, exams around the corner and holidays around the corner too. haha, i'm looking forward to my holidays, i know it's gonna be fantastic. I'll write more after my holidays. I know that i still can do better than this, so, i'm gonna do it. Like the title of this blog - No Sacrifice, No Victory. i always remember this.

haha, i always remind myself my main purpose to be here in Tasmania. i NEVER can forget about it.

Oh ya, 2 friends of mine are in korea right now. they are gonna study korean for a year and continue they degree programme for another 4 years, i think. i chatted with both of them for just a short while, they are settling down, i hope they are gonna be fine and well. If people like me can survive in Australia, they are gonna be so fine in korea, no doubt of it. Kok Hui is going to Johore, Poon Pui Yee is going to Penang, Su cheng is going to melbourne, Kar Fai is going to Sabah, and ha..... everybody is leaving to other places. Sad huh, that's LIFE ... what can we do?

Oh ya, i cooked last saturday. i cooked one of my favourite dishes from my mom's recipe. haha, it was for ben's farewell. i cooked chilli prawn. my friends said it's nice, i think is abit too salty. haha, but taste still not too bad. haha, there are some photos about the farewell party. enjoy checking them!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Winter is around the corner

WoooHoooo ... the weather here is getting cold, the lowest teperature that shown on my thermometer in my room was 8 degree celcius. if i'm not mistaken, winter is coming in 1 week time. i love winter is partly because i'm from the M'sia-a place where there are 2 seasons only and another reason is because i want to see snow. Sadly, i don't think there will be snow in the place that i'm living in but i think there will be snow up the mountain.

Yesterday, my Australian studies class held a barbecue in the short beach (i'm not so sure about the name). That was my second barbecue that i have had here in Tasmania in the same place. Some friends and me walked down there right after my maths class around 11 am from ELC (the place where i'm studying) to the beach. hahaha, i stayed there until around 4 pm. we played volleyball, football, some flying stuff that i donno what it called (according to Kar Wai, that thing is called frisbee), see-saw, swing, ABCD game and eat. hahaha, we were like primary school students that have outdoor activities. Some of my lecturers went there as well, my computing lecturer played football with us as well. hahaha, he's actually quite young, he always mix with us as if we are not his students. Something sad happen la before i went back, my friend realised he lost his bag. very sad lo, cause hoh, last time he lost his pencil box in computer lab and now he lost his bag. no doubt that he lost many important stuffs liked tumb drive, Mp3 and so on so on. if i lost my bag ar ... i'll definitely very very sad very very sad, cause i treasure my staffs alot and my pencil box is always in my bag, i treasure my pencil box the most.

This is My English Class, i have most of my class with them. The one in the middle and beside me is my english teacher + australian studies teacher.

From left: Salina, Dai, Ben, me then Won Kyu. Ben is the person in charge of this foundation.

This is Everybody in Foundation Course

hmm, i went to my college formal dinner for the first time. My college have formal dinner every fortnight and the one i went was the last formal dinner in this semester. hahaha, it was terribly boring. the main reasons are because most of my friends were not there, even few of them were there, they sat in different table cause we went there in a different time and those that said they are going, they did not show up. all together 4 Asians were there, 2 malaysian and 2 japanese. haha... me and another malaysian sat on the same table then the other 2 japanese sat on the next table. The only benefit that i got from the formal dinner was i got to drink free wine and have slighly better food than those normal food that i can get in the dining hall, at least i got a bigger dessert in that night.

Formal dinner --> from left: Masashi, Ryo and me

i was not that good for last week, i think most of my close friends know about it. There were many reasons behind this, all of those factors increased my level of stress and when i stress, terrible thing always happen to me or maybe i should say terrible thing always done by me. that's horrible, especially when i realise that after i did those stuffs. haha. Last week i was in bad bad mood, this week i'm in good good mood and i'm being so so so lazy this week. i need help, haha.